Selected clients include:

Rock Creek Consulting's Joe Indvik serves as clean energy finance lead for DOE's Better Buildings Initiative as a Senior Consultant with RE Tech Advisors. He works with senior executives at 40 leading finance companies—including Bank of America, Citi, and green banks—to unlock the financing market. Joe led design and development of the Financing Navigator, an online tool that helps organizations find financing solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Joe has represented DOE at 20+ talks and coordinated finance content at two Better Buildings Summits with 1,000+ attendees each.

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Sparkfund powers organizations by providing access to the latest energy technology in a new and better way—through a simple monthly subscription model backed by a no risk guarantee. RCC's Joe Indvik co-founded SparkFund in 2013 and served as its President & COO for two years. He oversaw the company's growth from 4 co-founders to more than 20 employees, and he continues to advise and support SparkFund as a consultant.

Population Services International is a non-profit that tackles some of the toughest global health problems.  We built a research study costing tool to help PSI develop budgets for new research projects targeting critical health issues around the world. The tool uses a combination of historical data and best practices to quickly, efficiently, and accurately create individual project budgets for use in fundraising and project planning.

We helped the Environmental Defense Fund to design an innovation platform for sustainable technologies. Building on the early progress of the Methane Detectors Challenge, we created a proposal for a scalable and replicable model that can be used to catalyze technology development in a wider range of sectors.

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