Selected Publications

Rock Creek Consulting's Joe Indvik publishes regularly on energy finance, policy, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. Selected peer-reviewed, professional, and personal publications are listed below.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Williamson, S., Indvik, J., & Martin, B. (forthcoming). PACE Financing and Resilience: Policy Considerations and Market Outlook. Proceedings of the ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Shrimali, G., Chan, G., Jenner, S., Groba, F., & Indvik, J. (2015). Evaluating Renewable Portfolio Standards for In-State Renewable Deployment: Accounting for Policy Heterogeneity. Economics of Energy &  Environmental Policy, 4.1. [Publication Link]

Shrimali, G., Lynes, M., & Indvik, J. (2015). Wind energy deployment in the U.S.: An empirical analysis of the role of federal and state policies. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 43, 796-806. [Publication Link]

Jenner, S., Groba, F., & Indvik, J. (2013). Assessing the strength and effectiveness of renewable electricity feed-in tariffs in European Union countries. Energy Policy, 52, 385-401. [Publication Link]

Shrimali, G., Jenner, S., Groba, F., Chan, G., & Indvik, J. (2012). Have State Renewable Portfolio Standards Really Worked? Synthesizing Past Policy Assessments to Build an Integrated Econometric Analysis of RPS Effectiveness in the U.S. German Institute for Economic Research, Discussion Paper 1258. [Publication Link]

Selected White Papers

Green Revolving Funds: A Guide to Implementation and Management. Sustainable Endowments Institute white paper. Lead author. 8/6/2013. [Publication Link]

Policy and Action Standard: An accounting and reporting standard for estimating the greenhouse gas effects of policies and actions. World Resources Institute technical paper. Contributing author. 2014. [Publication Link]

Professional Articles and Blogs

“I’m a former climate skeptic turned clean energy entrepreneur. Here’s why.” Medium. 2/4/2017. [Link]

“You can’t power a spacefaring civilization with fossil fuels.” LinkedIn. 12/4/2016. [Link]

“Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast: What SEAL and Delta Force operators can teach us about management.” LinkedIn. 11/25/2015. [Link]

“The Power of Quiet: 4 leadership tools for introverts.” LinkedIn. 2/27/2015. [Link]

“Alexander the Scalable: What the world’s most successful general can teach us about running a start-up.” LinkedIn. 10/3/2014. [Link]

“Get Involved, Change the World: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Students.” Sustainability Degrees guide. Contributing author. 9/2014. [Link]

“Are green revolving funds the next frontier in corporate energy efficiency?” GreenBiz. Contributing author. 6/7/2013. [Link]

“Nine Rules for a Successful Green Revolving Fund: Lessons from the front lines of sustainability entrepreneurship at Dartmouth and beyond.” Sustainable Endowments Institute guest blog. 7/11/2012. [Link]

“The Devil In The Design: Energy And Climate Policy Design Matters More Than You Might Think.” Environmental Defense Fund guest blog. 4/23/2012. [Link]

“To Revolve or Not to Revolve? The case for using green revolving funds to finance cleantech investments on campus.” Sustainable Endowments Institute guest blog. 1/30/2012. [Link]


Personal Interest Articles and Blogs

“Life lessons in a five-gallon bucket: What my grandpa taught me.” Medium. 8/20/2017. [Link]

“Following the fun in open-world game design: Lessons from Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry.” Medium. 6/12/2017. [Link]