Rock Creek Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that specializes in clean energy finance, business operations, and market transformation.


We help clients navigate complex challenges in these areas and beyond. With deep experience in issues throughout the clean energy and sustainability industry, we believe in the power of operational excellence to get results. Our experts have worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups and everything in between. What unites our work is a focus on disciplined process, smart data, and innovation that makes the world better.

Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Executive leadership and project management
  • Energy efficiency, clean energy, and sustainable infrastructure finance
  • Green revolving fund development and management
  • Climate and energy policy—including renewable portfolio standards (RPS), feed-in tariffs (FIT), and carbon pricing regimes
  • Greenhouse gas inventories at the project, organization, national, and international level
  • Sustainable business—including environmental performance and sustainability planning
  • Business operations—including process-building, tooling, and key performance indicator (KPIs) development and management
  • Start-up operations—including staffing, legal, accounting, banking, payroll, documentation, regulatory, fundraising, and back-office services
  • Econometrics and statistics—including applications in finance, program evaluation, process optimization, policy analysis, and other areas
  • Financial modeling and spreadsheet tools—including revenue and cost forecasting, deal pricing, risk analysis, and level-of-effort modeling

Our specialized service offerings are detailed below. However, we offer a range of customized consulting services or will connect you to those with the right expertise. Contact us and we'll find the solution you need.

Service Offerings

Business Operations and Strategy

Founding and growing an organization is hard. Doing so on a limited budget is even harder. RCC’s mantra is "go fast by going slow"—being disciplined and meticulous about how you build your operations takes a little extra time in the short run, but it is the key to moving quickly to scale. In many cases, operational excellence makes the difference between success or failure.

We at RCC are serial entrepreneurs ourselves, and we understand the challenges you face. We provide tailored guidance, tried-and-true proprietary tools, and custom solutions to help you achieve operational excellence. We work with the budget you have to accelerate your success, with cash and equity compensation structures available.

Spreadsheet Tools and Modeling

Spreadsheets are more powerful than ever. Far from their reputation as dull data repositories, well-designed spreadsheets are an exciting, user-friendly, and highly customizable tool to solve challenges quickly and at low cost. They can be used to develop tailored quantitative analysis, build dynamic tools and models for ongoing use, and rapidly prototype interface and feature options before investing in costly software development. And with the rise of Google Sheetsan online cloud-based analog of Excelthe possibilities for collaboration and integration with other software have become endless. In short, spreadsheets are entering a second golden age.

We at RCC are unabashed spreadsheet nerds (the term "Excel Jedi" has been used by clients more than once). We love diving into complicated datasets and business challenges and emerging with a sleek model that makes the complexity go away. Whether you're looking to digest a large dataset or build a new tool, we'll work with you to develop the right solution at the right cost.

Green Revolving Fund Development

Green revolving funds (GRFs) are a powerful way to get sustainability done by reinvesting the cost savings generated by projects. A GRF is an internal investment vehicle that finances energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability projects within an organization that generate cost savings. These savings are tracked and used to replenish the fund for the next round of green projects, continuously leveraging your investment to cut operating costs and reduce environmental impact.

We have worked with dozens of organizations to design, implement, and manage green revolving funds. RCC's Joe Indvik is also the lead author on Green Revolving Funds: A Guide to Implementation and Management, the leading resource on this topic. Drawing from this experience, we can help you assess your opportunity for a GRF, forecast potential performance, and design and implement a fund tailored to your organization.

Statistical Analysis and Econometrics

Statistics provides a window into economies, markets, and demographics that would otherwise remain opaque. RCC's experts are veterans of intensive statistical analysis. We have published peer-reviewed papers in top international economics journals and built dozens of applied models for decision-making and risk analysis in business. We'll develop a model of appropriate size and complexity for the challenges you face, then work with you to translate statistical insights into meaningful decisions.

We offer analysis including:

  • Dataset analysis, summary statistics, and data visualization
  • Simple correlation and regression analysis
  • Multivariate regression models
  • Panel data analysis including fixed effects and time series regression models
  • Monte Carlo stochastic modeling and risk assessment
  • Development of performance indicators for policies and programs
  • Program evaluation and ex-post assessment of policy effectiveness
  • Market sizing studies

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Sustainability Plans

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. A good inventory of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions is the foundation of any successful sustainability program. We work with you to build a simple, transparent, meaningful inventory, then help you create a sustainability plan around it.

RCC's experts have developed more than a dozen GHG inventories for clients ranging from federal agencies to Fortune 500 companies to the U.S. EPA. We have deep familiarity with the rules, protocols, and emissions factor guidelines that govern GHG inventories, including the WRI corporate protocol, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), FEMP guidelines, and eGRID emissions factors. We develop custom Excel-based inventories and can also support integrations with third-party software.

A successful GHG inventory will be:

  • Accurate with reasonable assumptions and up-to-date science
  • Consistent and comparable across facilities, organizations, and years
  • Compliant with the applicable protocols for your sector
  • Transparent with every assumption documented
  • Actionable to help you improve sustainability performance

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